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Friday, 19 September 2014


A lone patient on an empty ward
Struggles to cling to the dregs of life
And slips away with silent ease...

The bells toll-midnight-
Bringing forth the depths of despair
To a girl, who has not known death-
The loss of a loved one-
Struggling against the current of darkness
In a time of celebration

(Witness the joy on their faces
And see how their eyes shine
At the explosions of colour before them!)

But to her the world is empty.
To her the world is grey-
Like a child mixing vibrant colours
On a single palette
And creating an expanse of murk-
So was her mind.

And through the mist of her mind
The revelation unfolds-
Like shadows making themselves known
(Though unwelcome)-
That in this New Year 
There will be a missing piece-
A gaping hole-
Where everything is grey.

R.L. Townsend

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