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Friday, 17 October 2014


Been there two days
and nothing doing

Smashed open
All across the road
Dead deer on the hill
Its hind legs apart from 
Its body and its guts in the trees

And now the rain’s come
To spread it all about
Water and congealed blood
Pooling in the crevasses 
Of its open carcass

Disorientated by rain
And unsure of my route
I took a wrong turn
And found myself 
At the war memorial

I changed my path
So as not to run past
The remains of it all
And did not know my way
Down the woody tracks

I rose and fell over hills
Several times before I
Found my bearings
Crawling under a fallen tree
I was greeted by roaring cars

But stood by the road
I realised my way home
Was past the rotting body
And turned on my heels
Back in to the country

At home I pull off my trainers
To find my socks soaked red

Joe Howse

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