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Sunday, 14 September 2014


Buried in this wide night,
Sunlight falling from the heavens, replaced by
A spectacle of constellations and the effervescent moon,
There is nothing but you
And your faultless, shining voice
Ringing in my ears like the sweetest symphony
Pouring through my veins, pure honey.
And in our shared moments,
Each and every piece of the world’s time we steal
For our own,
Nothing but you and I is true.
We sink into the atmosphere
Of the small hours or the broad,
Whichever we have taken to share,
And we savour each second of one another.
But when the sky is dark, and
The moon is lifted,
Are our moments of most tender grace.
Glowing in the softest of the light,
We fall into one another
And treasure us.
And if ever I’m sad,
I think you’re gracious, smiling face,
And the sweet music of your laugh,
Your kindness and your love,
And remember that nothing can be as grave
As you are good.

Amie Bailey

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