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Sunday, 14 September 2014


I want to find the place
Where skin meets starlight
And shines
Beneath sparks

I want to touch the edge
of the earth
with bare soles
and bare souls

I want to live
Where rain turns skies to oceans
And swim
Amongst the cold water

I want to taste the stars
Feel their lightbeams
Dance upon my tongue
And shine, from the inside out

I want to jump back
From the depths of wind-swept seas
To meet the sunlight
That lies upon the surface

I want to stand
Amongst the atmosphere
Clear, and, body and soul,
Return these bones to the night sky

I want to run the forest
And lose my breath
And fall, surrounded
By the tongues of vines

I want to lie there
Amongst the leaves
Make a treaty with the roots
And wait

I want to wait
Until they surround me
Then break through

I want to find the light
Where my shadow is darkest
And my skin lightest
And separate myself from the shade

I want to leave my silhouette
Leave the dark to writhe
Walk away, lighter

I want to untie
Crimson ribbons that curl
Their away around my arms

I want to tear
Them from myself forever
Be free of
Their scarlet limbs

I want to feel
My spine, align with
The words you speak
So I stand, tall

I want to run your fingers
Across my very bones
Feel your touch
Emanating, from my foundations

I want to keep
The taste of you on my tongue
Wherever I may be,

I want to warn the stars
I want to feel the ocean
I want to be yours

Amie Bailey

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