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Friday, 17 October 2014


Sat in the rain, at the bus stop, not waiting
for the bus: how serious you sound! asking
‘has Vashti Bunyan had a lovely life?’ after
your comment about her lovely name
    I do not answer right away but
decide; yes. Nobody paid for her record 
and yet 44 years later here we all are
in the rain by the church hoping to hear
her sing
       and sighing as the support forgets
The words to her cover song (but I never
heard anyone else but you sing it, so what 
matter?) but I can tell by your eyes, I
can tell by the look in your eyes, I can
by your head on my shoulder and I can
tell by your hand not in mine you’re
going to have a lovely life as lovely as 
your name
            and as lovely as you and I
one last time in the rain
    Some things better left unsaid.

Joe Howse

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