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Friday, 23 January 2015


The biopsies of bodies
Looking across the scope of human kind
Under the microscope of measured time
Tells us
Tells us that we’re too late

Our skeletons walk and
The narrow lengths of our veins
Lies next to the collection of bones
Filling the cavities
Of marrow and the snapping of
Our fragile reigns

The cells of our beings
Build cells around us
Close inwards and inwards
Turn inside yourself
And out

The IV intervenes and drips us into the drip chamber
Preventing the air that’s meant to keep us alive, like
A shot in the dark
Diving the needle like a shot through the

It’s indignant to us
When the hopeful figment of imagination
Tells you this is an annihilation
Of the weak, the strong
The right and the wrong
And the world has become
Immune to being immune 

Megan Reece

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