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Saturday, 18 October 2014


It is like leaving land under sun rays

It is like discovering a grotto

It is like setting up a campfire

It is like flying one’s own private plane:

It starts off wonderfully, before me

The moment’s beauty shines over my heart

Making it dance and warming me up well

Chasing away all clouds masking the view.

But then peacefulness breaks, chaos takes place

And the sailor is caught up in a storm,

The archeologist under earthquakes

And the boy scout under heavy rain

As the plane’s east wing catches on fire.

Yet neither of us five have a fair choice.

To retrieve? An impossible option.

Life orders you to keep going, always.

Or else but then you would be choosing death

So the boat has to cut through the white waves,

The claustrophobic man to crawl inside;

So the fire has to be protected

While the pilot jumps outside his cabin

We all fight for our cause hoping Fate’s kind

We all have one goal, one requiring time

Thus, meanwhile we master not but are forced

To wait for elements to calm down.

Anne-Laure Cloud--Roussell

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